The Battle of Parker's Ferry

August 13, 1781 at Parker's Ferry, South Carolina

Facts about the Battle of Parker's Ferry

  • Armies - American Forces was commanded by Brig. Gen. Francis Marion and consisted of over 200 Soldiers. British Forces was commanded by Maj. Thomas Fraser and consisted of about 450 Soldiers.
  • Casualties - American casualties were unknown. British casualties were 100 killed/wounded.
  • Outcome - The result of the battle was a British victory.

Battle Begins

Earlier in August, Colonel William Harden commanded a force of American troops at Parker's Ferry. Parker's Ferry is located about 30 miles west-northwest of Charleston. American commanders gave orders to Major Thomas Fraser and his force of 200 dragoons to go to Parker's Ferry and give support to Harden. About 450 local Tories were creating an uprising in the area.

Harden also requested some reinforcements in a request to Major General Nathanael Greene. Greene sent Brigadier General Francis Marion and a force of 200 soldiers. Marion had to march over 100 miles to get to Parker's Ferry.

On August 13, Marion arrived at Parker's Ferry and joined Harden. Marion set up an amsush on the causeway that led to Parker's Farry and sent a group of his fastest cavalry to lure Fraser into the trap. Fraser ordered his men to charge the American position and ran straight into the ambush. he was soon hit by riflefire.

Although being wounded, Fraser rallied his men and launched another attack. He was soon hit two more times by the Americans. The Tories soon had no choice but to retreat with their remaining forces. Marion could not pursue the Tories because of a lack of ammunition.

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