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American Revolutionary War Battles

The Battle of Van Creek

February 11, 1779 at Elberton, Georgia

Battle Summary

The Battle of Van Creek was a minor engagement near Elberton, Georgia. Patriot milita sought to stop a Loyalist force from crossing the Savannah River to rendezvous with a British force which had recently captured Augusta, Georgia.

The Loyalist force was able to flank and defeat the Patriot militia, but suffered its own defeat a few days later at the Battle of Kettle Creek.

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Facts about the Battle of Van Creek

  • Armies - American Forces was commanded by William Baskinsn and consisted of about 100 militia. Loyalist Forces was commanded by John Boyd and consisted of about 600 militia.
  • Casualties - American casualties were estimated to be 19 killed or wounded. British casualties was approximately 60 killed or wounded and 35 captured.
  • Outcome - The result of the battle was a Loyalist victory. The battle was part of the Southern Theater 1775-82.