American Revolutionary War
Continental Regiments

List of Continental Army Units in 1783

The force consisted of an infantry contingent of 4 regiments from Massachusetts, 1 regiment from Connecticut, 5 companies from New Hampshire, 2 companies from Hazen's regiment, and 2 companies from Rhode Island , plus 5 artillery companies: 2 from the 2d Continental Artillery Regiment and 3 from the 3d .

A provisional light corps under Lt. Col. William Hull marched into Westchester County to help restore civil government in that strife-torn region. The rest of the Army, including the troops from the Southern and Western Departments, went home on furlough

Connecticut Line

Georgia Line

Maryland Line

Massachusetts Line

In June 1783, most of the Massachusetts Line was furloughed . Washington released the men who had enlisted for the duration of the war, and kept those who had enlisted for a period of three years or less and still had time remaining on their enlistments. These men, from the 1st through 8th Massachusetts Regiments, were assigned to the four newly formed Massachusetts units remaining in service, designated the 1st through 4th Massachusetts Regiments.

New Jersey Line

New Hampshire Line

New York Line

North Carolina Line

Pennsylvania Line

Rhode Island Line

South Carolina Line

Virginia Line

Additional Regiments

Artillery Units

  • Crane's Corps of Artillery
    • Commanded by Col. Crane
    • ReOrganized in June 1783 from 3d Continental Artillery Regiment to consist of 4 Companies; Remainder furloughed June 1783
    • Disbanded Jan. 1784
  • Lamb Corps of Artillery
    • Commanded by Col. Lamb
    • ReOrganized to consist of two companies June 1783; Remainder furloughed June 1783
    • Disbanded Jan. 1784

Mounted Units

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